These look like the ultimate kitty happy meal – snack and a toy all in one! Where can I get some for my research? I need to categorise the flavour on my chicken-tuna scale. Vital research!

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s a bivalve mollusc I didn’t know existed. The day before Christmas, the BBC News reported a stupendously large assemblage of living flame shells (Limaria hians, also known as the “gaping file shell”) living off the coast of Scotland.

A huge colony of an elusive and brightly coloured shellfish species has been discovered in coastal waters in the west of Scotland.

The extensive bed of at least 100 million flame shells was found during a survey of Loch Alsh, a sea inlet between Skye and the Scottish mainland.

That’s about 20 flame shells for every person in Scotland! (I haven’t been able to find a photograph of a huge grouping.) They’re bizarre looking creatures, seemingly more suited to tropical than temperate waters:


The article continues:

The Scottish environment secretary said it could be the largest grouping of flame shells anywhere in the world.

The colony was uncovered during a…

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