Oh my god, it’s full of kittens!


Portal does not function at night, can only assume photo-sensitive component facilitates opening. Very frustrating as I cannot see the stars. All the heavy elements are made in stars. Need to know if that includes whatever kitten biscuits are made from. Caroline Herschel didn’t have these problems observing! Will have to stay in and watch #BBCStargazingLive instead. Is there any chance Brian Cox and Dara O’Brian taste of chicken?


Have heard of the Running Chicken nebula! Can’t see it myself, but must be a huge chicken!


5 thoughts on “Oh my god, it’s full of kittens!

  1. Dear Kitty,
    As it’s dark when your portal fails to function as expected, can you be sure that the other side of said portal is there at all?
    An Admirer.

    • Dear Admirer (what great taste you have!),

      You raise an interesting hypothesis – how could I test the non-existence of the other side of the portal? Hmmm.

      I know – I shall leave bossy lab kitten (my sister) outside when it gets dark! She can observe for me.


  2. Dear Kitty, please ensure your bossy lab kitten roams widely during darkness on the other side of the portal to ensure accurate scientific observation. Humans have been known to construct crude dioramas to mislead inattentive cats, assuming that as they work on them (the Apollo Moon landings, for example) they would work on higher beings. Regards, Bast

    • Dear Bast,
      Bossy Lab Kitten is shut out as we speak. Should she report back that the other side of the portal (if it exists and she is still there) tastes much like the daytime side of the portal and was probably formed from it, I will plan more detailed investigations. After all, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

  3. Update: Bossy lab manager kitty returned from the other side of the portal, so it probably was there. She reports that the other side is full of chicken and tuna, running everywhere. She smiled as she said it. Bossy lab manager may be an unreliable observer.

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