When art divides kittens from science

Today is about topology, specifically knot theory and testing the generalized Poincaré conjecture which states that Every simply connected, closed n-manifold is homeomorphic to the n-sphere.

This poses many problems for the polymath kitten of curious mind. Firstly to prove that is true for every case is either extremely time-consuming (in the absence of my requested infinite monkey assistants) or requires proof of the specific case and then that it holds true no matter the variables. Secondly to find the manifold. Finally to test if the results are the same shape or not.

So far I have tested with red wool, black wool and sparkly purple wool. Red and black gave similar results, with the result definitely not being two dimensional, but very like in appearance to 3 dimensional balls of knotted wool (saving colour obviously). Purple wool snapped in my teeth repeatedly and I got sent out of the room. Science is once more neglected by humans pursuing their ends. Something called ‘crochet’, I think this is where the old science arts divide I have read about originates.


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