Dog star attack!

  • Hammer -check
  • compass -check
  • scuba gear -check (*)
  • tent -check
  • lab notes -check
  • ticket to Russia

Can’t stop, got to get my expedition together to study the meteorite impact site. Thor’s helmet was recently imaged in Canis Major

Thor’s Helmet Nebula (NGC 2359) in the constellation of Canis Major. Credit and copyright: Rolf Wahl Olsen.

This can only mean that the Avengers already know what I have long known – the Dog Star is attacking us! It was no asteroid but a deliberate attack by the canines. They will be showing up to fetch any time now, so we must get to Chelyabinsk to defend it at once. I predict the meteor will turn out to be a very large stick, but I have to get there to prove my case, or those naieve fools will look for rocks as usual!

(*) It landed in a lake, now it makes sense!


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