Faster than the speed of purr

Classified: kitten eyes only

Experiment with the ‘purr boom’. This effect occurs when a purr is processing faster than a kitten.  Conscious humans (see previous post about difficulties caused by sleeping humans) are extremely susceptible to this effect. By deploying boss kitten as the purrer, I am able to remain observing. The ‘purees’ have been observed looking for the purrer before she even enters the room, reaching for treat packets and lowering their hands to ground level in preparation to provide tummy rubs and stroking. Actions do not appear conscious by the human, and I must suspect that some primal instinct in their brain responds to the passage of the purr boom. Most useful.

Of course, these notes must not fall into human hands, already they are growing wise to the components of a purr and one meddlesome scientist has started to identify the bit that makes humans feed us.


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