Scientific Correspondence

A letter from a colleague

Master Woo-Shrew's 'informative' flier.

Master Woo-Shrew’s ‘informative’ flier.

Since my work on the purr-boom was leaked into the public domain (I suspect bossy kitten in a deliberate ploy to ensure funding for the lab), I have been bombarded by messages from someone who styles herself as Master Woo, Shrew (She even sent me a publicity poster to really get the sense of what she is about). She would like to bring to my attention the healing effect of kittens on humans.

The health of humans hardly seems like exploring the big questions of life, the universe and everything, but one of Master Woo’s messages reached bossy lab kitten and she was intrigued. She has determined that human healthcare may be a very lucrative research area and for now, I am forced to compromise my principles in the quest for funding and freedom in the future. I did leave a protest message for her to find though. Ha!

Master Woo’s messages list a range of benefits that cats supposedly exert on human health, from stress reduction to accelerated bone growth. Evidence is mixed and some of the Woo’s terminology sets off the sceptic-alarm in any good scientist’s head.

Phrases to question ScienceKitty says
[unsubstantiated odds] can’t be a co-incidence As Tim Minchin says, this ‘severely underestimates the number of things that there are’
Obviously… I feel ‘a’ and ‘b’ are linked, but can’t rationally explain it
‘as featured on xxx tv’ TV is an entertainment medium, being featured on National Geographic or Discovery channel does not endorse your claims

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