Science offers so many lifestyle options

Science offers so many lifestyle options

Sciencekitty needs to be image conscious! Do I suit best as a media star, old school establishment, over-worked postdoc or can I reign back my natural arrogance enough to be an avenging-scientist?


Oh my god, it’s full of kittens!


Portal does not function at night, can only assume photo-sensitive component facilitates opening. Very frustrating as I cannot see the stars. All the heavy elements are made in stars. Need to know if that includes whatever kitten biscuits are made from. Caroline Herschel didn’t have these problems observing! Will have to stay in and watch #BBCStargazingLive instead. Is there any chance Brian Cox and Dara O’Brian taste of chicken?


Have heard of the Running Chicken nebula! Can’t see it myself, but must be a huge chicken!