Ultimate food: Chuna or Ticken?


Working on making the ultimate food stuff, breeding tuna with chicken! Science is expensive. Have brought in marketing kitty to do audience research and attract sponsorship.

I am focussing on sourcing tuna, very tricky to fit through the catflap.

Marketing kitty reports discouraging early results. Focus group not enthused by “chuna” as they can’t tell the difference or “ticken” because they think it sounds boring. They have identified a third option, crossing a tuna with a pasty, to create “Tasty”.

Bloody marketing! I can’t breed a pasty with anything. If I could, that American Pie film franchise would have run very differently.


Saturday: Chicken mobility

Key supplies all located, but they keep moving. Chicken initially appeared close to base, but now seems to be appearing at greater distances, even at bottom of stairs. Mobility of chicken must be curtailed. This is an extremely worrying trend. Litter tray not mobile, but contents easily dispersed to make up for this.  Makes excellent snow globe. Much work to be done chasing all the bits and categorising them. Bossy kitten in the way. Surely there is some administration she could do so I can get on with the important work?