Many Worlds Theorem


Habitat has expanded. It contains a mysterious portal than unlike the other portals opens on to a frequently changing scene. May be possible to prove the many worlds theorem this way. Some of the worlds are wet. Others are cold. Seems very careless to allow crap worlds. Portal appears to be called ‘Hurry up and make your mind up, you sod, it’s cold with the door open’. Not catchy.

Saturday: Chicken mobility

Key supplies all located, but they keep moving. Chicken initially appeared close to base, but now seems to be appearing at greater distances, even at bottom of stairs. Mobility of chicken must be curtailed. This is an extremely worrying trend. Litter tray not mobile, but contents easily dispersed to make up for this.  Makes excellent snow globe. Much work to be done chasing all the bits and categorising them. Bossy kitten in the way. Surely there is some administration she could do so I can get on with the important work?


Tuesday: Base camp

Base camp established under something. Early forays (whilst unobserved) suggest presence of tuna, water and litter tray. Promising start for establishing standard conditions for experimental work. Human presence odd, they keep messing things up with their observing, forcing me to retreat to base. How can they expect me to progress if they keep interrupting? And what do they want? I may have to study the species briefly, to establish protocols to keep them from interfering in my higher works. Bossy kitten has declared herself my lab manager and wants authority to veto all my experiments and recommends hiding instead. Lab managers have no vision.