Science offers so many lifestyle options

Science offers so many lifestyle options

Sciencekitty needs to be image conscious! Do I suit best as a media star, old school establishment, over-worked postdoc or can I reign back my natural arrogance enough to be an avenging-scientist?


My science role model

Trying to decide who are the best role models for a modern science kitty are – am I moreĀ  gentleman-scientist, an overworked young researcher or a science-avenger? Ive got a minnion working up some looks for me, so watch this space. If you were a generally awesome, talented and underappreciated hero of our times science kitty, who would your role models be?

In seperate news, my experiment in giving penguins catnip was a success! Shall now be pushing nip around the animal kingdom to see who else it works on.